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Dope Crash

Melanie Rothman

The trailer for Melanie's newest short film, Dope Crash, is finally here. Watch the trailer below, and stay tuned for the premiere of the film!

2017, Romantic Comedy Short Film Cast: Melanie Rothman, Justin Kirkland, Margo Seibert Director: Vered Rodriguez Screenplay By: Vered Rodriguez Music: JPB & MYRNE - Feels Right (ft. Yung Fusion) When Hailee, a brilliant physics student working towards her PhD, crosses paths with Troy, a charismatic music producer who lives the party life, their worlds crash.



Janie's Got A Gun

Melanie Rothman

Melanie will be playing the role of Janie in the short film, 'Janie's Got A Gun.' Directed by Natalie Goodman. In the film, Janie deals with an abusive father, and ultimately must make a life-changing decision to save her mother. The  film was inspired by two songs: Aerosmith's  'Janie's Got A Gun,' and Lana Del Rey's  'Ultraviolence.' Stay tuned for the film's release! 

The Break In

Melanie Rothman

Melanie is thrilled to announce she has been cast in 'The Break In,' a new short film by Robbie Lemieux! 'The Break In' is a short comedy film about Margaret Butler, a paranoid horror novelist, who mistakes her husband for a burglar breaking in. Melanie will be playing the role of Cathy, Margaret Butler's daughter.

For more updates and more info, check out the film's Facebook page


Melanie Rothman

Melanie plays the role of Tracy in Valedeathtorian, a short film directed by Blake Lyons, about the high school battle for the prestigious title of Valedictorian... this battle, however, turns deadly! 

Keep an eye out for Valedeathtorian, coming this spring!


Melanie Rothman

That’s a wrap on the short film, Stable! Written and directed by Anthony Arfi, Stable is a story about the first artificially created man. Melanie plays the role of Helen in the film. Watch out for the film this May!