Sephora's Luminizer To Go REVIEW

Ok. Let's talk about highlighter. I'll be the first to admit, I was VERY late to the highlighter game. If you're in your upper 20's and beyond, like me, you'll know that contour and highlight was not a thing back in the day. I used to apply blush on my forehead because I thought that made the blush on my cheeks look more natural? Makeup trends have truly changed over the years, and they've changed for the better.

Sephora Luminizer To Go

While I'm all about finding a skincare routine that allows me to feel confident without makeup, let's be real, I love makeup. It can enhance your best features, hide little imperfections that you might just not want the world to see that day, or turn you into a glamorous diva for a night on the town. And my all time favorite product? Highlighter.

Now, there are a lot of different types of highlighters out there. There are loose shimmery powders, gel sticks, compact powders, glitter powders, shimmery creams, etc, etc, etc. Which is the best?? Well, it depends on your skin type and what you want the highlighter to do. I have extremely dry skin. So in general, I avoid powders, and look for gels and creams. Also, on my day-to-day outings, I'm not really looking for that full glam, "shine bright like a diamond," look. So I tend to stay away from the super glittery highlighters. 

That's why, when I found Sephora's Luminizer To Go (avail on Amazon here), I knew I'd never need to look for another highlighter again. It comes in the most adorable little packaging, and is a creamy stick. I apply it to the tops of my cheekbones and underneath my eyebrows, blend with my finger, and voila! My skin BEAMS. But it's not an unnatural, shield-your-eyes type of beam. It's the perfect amount of shine to enhance the glow I've already got going on, and it looks super natural and gorgeous. And on days when my skin is dull as hell, you'd never know it after a few swipes of this puppy. My skin looks bright and glowy all day. Long gone are the days of applying blush to my forehead (thank God), I'll take highlighter from now on, please!