How To Get Rid of Under Eye Bags

It truly doesn't matter how much sleep I get, how much coffee I've had, or how much wine I drank last night. I wake up every morning, with bright red eyes and very (I'm talking VERY) dark circles. I used to think this was a problem I'd just have to live with (i.e. find some heavy duty concealer), but I recently discovered two amazing products that have helped my dark circles genuinely fade, and make me look more awake and alert (even if I'm actually not).

how to get rid of under eye bags.JPG

The first product is an eye cream. I've had an on and off relationship with eye creams for years because I always thought they were just tiny, more expensive bottles of moisturizer. But every once and a while, a new brand catches my eye and I give it a shot. Hada Labo Tokyo's Age Correcting Eye Cream was one of those products. With hyaluronic acid, various extracts, and caffeine, Hada Labo Tokyo claims that this eye cream "restores moisture, smooths fine lines and wrinkles, and reduces dark circles and puffiness." Well, that all sounded great to me, so about a month ago, I decided to give it a whirl.

This eye cream does feel very moisturizing and nice, but I was skeptical that I'd actually see any results. Last night I was scrolling through photos on my phone, and I immediately noticed that my eyes DO look different in recent pics! The puffiness has definitely decreased and my under-eyes look brighter! This all happened pretty gradually over the course of a month, so I hadn't really noticed, but looking at photos I could see a clear difference! I am so so pleased with Hada Labo Tokyo's Age Correcting Eye Cream and would highly recommend it to anyone with under-eye issues!!

Now, the second product that changed the way my eyes look on the daily is something so simple, I couldn't believe I hadn't used it until recently. It's... (drumroll please!)... redness-reducing eye drops!! I don't use them every day, but some days I wake up, and for literally no reason, my eyes are BRIGHT RED. A few drops of Visine into the ol' eye, and I look (and feel) so awake and alert. It's a true game changer.

In only a month, people have stopped asking me if I feel tired and/or sick all the time because of my red, puffy, dark eyes. Now people are probably wondering how I always seem to get my beauty sleep. :)