The Best Drugstore Mascaras

When I’m running late (which, let’s face it, is every day), I don’t always have time to do my full skincare + makeup routine. I used to always prioritize my makeup over a lengthy skincare routine because I wanted to look my best in the littlest amount of time (sure, if I didn’t hit snooze five times each morning, I could get a facial and then go to a professional makeup artist every day but, alas, snooze it is). I’ve realized over the years that prioritizing skincare is key, because with great skin, makeup takes less time. But usually by the time I’ve fully cleansed, toned, moisturized, put on eye cream, and dabbed benzoyl peroxide on any spots, I have only a few minutes left to do makeup before I have to fly out the door. My favorite product to apply if I only have time for one thing? Mascara. 

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I love mascara. It brightens my eyes, helping me look and feel more awake. It turns my light brown/almost blonde lashes from barely-there to can’t-miss-em. It gives me just the right amount of drama for the daytime. But there are so many mascaras out there, how do I know which mascara to use? Are they all the same? Why are the wands all different and does that actually matter?

I’ve tried what feels like most of the mascaras out there, and I’ve narrowed down the search to the three best drugstore mascaras:

The Best Mascara for the Cheapest Price

Guys! This is not a drill! I repeat! NOT A DRILL!

One of my favorite drugstore mascaras is only $4 on Amazon. 

Maybelline’s Great Lash Mascara is a drugstore cult favorite that has been around for ages. And with such impressive quality at such a low price point, I can see why. The formula is not overly wet, but it’s far from too dry, and the wand is a classic straight, medium size that somehow magically avoids clumping. 

My lashes are medium-length — not super short, but definitely not long and luxurious. They also tend to be pretty straight. When it comes to mascara, I just want a product I can count on to not clump, not rub off under my eye, thicken my lashes and add a little extra length and curl. Is that too much to ask?? Well Maybelline’s Great Lash truly does it all. And at that incredible price point, it’s a product I’d recommend everyone at least try, if you haven’t already.

The Best Mascara For Extra Curl

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Oh how much I’d give for naturally curled lashes. My lashes are so straight, that my everyday lash routine has to include an eyelash curler. And I usually curl them 3 to 4 times before applying mascara. Inevitably, though, that curl will fall as the day goes on. But there is one magical drugstore mascara that helps hold my lash curl all day, and even curls them a bit when I don’t have time to use my lash curler! 

The Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara is the queen of the curl! Its nicely wet formula glides over the lashes without clumping, and the wand is super curved. This shape helps lift the lashes from the root, giving them a really nice curl, and it spreads them out for a nice fan effect. The formula dries quickly, helping the lashes stay in that curled, fanned out shape all day long! Here it is for only $6.50 on Amazon, so YAY.

The Best Mascara for Length

Maybe you’re blessed with amazingly curled lashes and just need that length-boost, or maybe you use an eyelash curler and need a lengthening formula for that curl/length duo, or maybe you just have super short lashes, like me. If you’re looking for extra length, look no further than Maybelline Lash Stiletto Ultimate Length

It doesn’t leave weird fibers on your lashes like a lot of lengthening mascaras do, but somehow after applying, you look like you’re wearing lash-extensions! The wand is straight with smaller bristles, and the neck of the bottle is small, so it wipes off any excess product as you take the wand out - leaving just enough to glide on your lashes without clumping. I don’t know how this mascara makes the lashes look longer, but it truly does, and if you want that long-lash drama, this is the mascara for you! And this one is only $6 on Amazon, so YAY again!

P.S. - I realize these are all Maybelline mascaras. This post is not sponsored — I just genuinely think Maybelline makes the best of the best when it comes to drugstore mascaras!!